Enabling mass-production of composite parts

THe new preforming technology


We have developed a technology capable of manufacturing complex carbon fiber parts with high productivity and fiber orientation quality


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breakthrough towards massive implementation of automotive & aerospace composites

High Fiber orientation quality

Almost any raw material:

Non Crimp Fabrics, Unidirectional, Dry / Prepreg, Conventional fabrics, Glass / Aramid / Carbon


Cycle time shorter than 1 min

Any lay-up configuration:

Quasi isotropic -45º/0º/90º/45º

Local reinforcements

Complex parts in 1 step

A part no longer requires to be divided into several sub-preforms

A 2D ply stack turned into a 3D Shape

in a matter of seconds


Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) or CNC Trimming


AEON-T´s Technology


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) or Prepreg Compression Molding (PCM)

The result: A high quality complex preform even with prepreg

The Benefits



  • 30% part cost reduction
  • Simplification of car factories: massive reduction of investment



  • Enable the use of recycled plastics
  • Reduction of car & aircraft CO2 emissions



  • Enhance the electric vehicle market
  • New markets opened for mass produced composite parts

The Company

AEON-T Composite Technologies is incubated by the Business Incubation Center of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC Madrid Region), and it is the result of more than 5 years of technology development in an ambituous research project together with leading research institutions in Madrid:  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Institute IMDEA Materials.

The company has a clear mission: to industrialize production of lightweight composite parts in order to bring to the industry and the society the benefits of these materials: lower CO2 emissions in transportation, less fixed and investment costs in factories and increased range of electric vehicles.

Our new preforming technology makes this industrialization possible, allowing to manufacture complex parts in just seconds. While other state of art technologies such as double diafragm or press preforming bring up defects that forces designers to divide a complex parts in simpler elements, our technology avoid said defects producing the part at once. The result: a huge manufacturing simplification and part cost reduction.

The Team

Dr. Enrique Chacón

Dr. Enrique Chacón

Technical Development

Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid, accumulates more than seven years of expertise in prototype development, collaborating with companies such as Repsol, Gamesa, John Deere or General Electric. He is co-founder of AEON-T, being responsible for the technical development of subsystems.


Alejandro Abou-Assali

Alejandro Abou-Assali

Managing Director

Automotive engineer by the Technische Universität München, he started his career in Audi, and accumulates more than 3 years building prototype cars with composite materials to participate in international competitions. Together with Prof. Enrique Chacón, he founded the research project SIRA in 2014 that was later transformed into the company AEON-T.

Marcos Sánchez

Marcos Sánchez

Process Industrialization

Mechanical engineer expert in industrial manufacturing and project management, with deep knowledge in IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards demanded by the industry. As a part of AEON-T, he is in charge of the industrialization of the progressive draping technology and its integration with other state of art technologies. 


Dr. Beatriz Cerrolaza

Dr. Beatriz Cerrolaza

CEO and founder of Alise Devices, Dr. Cerrolaza was awarded as of the nine most successful female entrepreneurs by the Spanish magazine “Entrepreneurs”.

Professor Ignacio Romero

Professor Ignacio Romero

Director of the IMDEA Materials Institute and full professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, expert in computational mechanics.

Carlos Romero

Carlos Romero

Manager of the Business Incubation Center of the European Space Agency in Madrid.

Luis Dominguez

Luis Dominguez

Startup advisor in the Science Park of Carlos III University, with more than 8 years of experience in finance & legal issues

The company is incubated by the Business Incubation Center of the European Space Agency

Aeon-T is supported by leading research Institutions:

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

IMDEA Materials Research Institute

IMDEA Materials Research Institute

UC3M University of Madrid

UC3M University of Madrid

This project has received funding from CDTI


Finalists at the JEC Startup Booster


We are finalists of the JEC Group Startup Booster Competition. Only 10 finalists among more than 120 Start Ups have been selected to participate in this competition. Our company is presented at the JEC World 2019 in Paris (March 12-13-14)

AEON-T enters the ESA BIC program

AEON-T enters the Business Incubation Program of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC Madrid Region) after a strong selection where industry experts recognised the value of the technology and decided to provide financial and business support.


UC3M University Science Park

Av. Gregorio Peces Barba 1, Leganés, Madrid, 28919


UC3M University Science Park